Sale of all children's products end on Feb. 18 11:59pm. After that they will no longer be available. We will still be selling custom cabinetry and other woodworking. Thank you.

Let us tell you about our story.


We are Jordan and Melissa.

We started this whole venture by accident at a party at Melissa's parents home one night.  Melissa's aunt needed some sort of a stand for her young grandson to stand at the kitchen counter to help cook.   

A quick google search later, the concept of a learning tower / kitchen helper was discovered, but we wanted to make something that could be easily put away when not in use-any parent knows the last thing anyone needs is yet another bulky piece of children's furniture.  On a whim they put an add on Kijiji thinking they would sell one or two.  That was in early 2016 and now well over 100 have been sold as well as many other Montessori, Pikler, and custom wood creations.

Our Team 

Melissa is from Orleans, an Ottawa suburb.  She moved to Toronto for University.  During her time there she met Jordan, and they are now married with 2 lovely children.  When she isn't managing our quality assurance department, she is managing Jordan.  

Jordan is from Montreal, and moved to Toronto in 1995.  After many years of many jobs, he found woodworking.  After completing the cabinet maker certificate at Humber College over 10 years ago, he is still enjoying his found passion.  

Adelaide and Wyatt are the super elite, methodical quality assurance department.  They put all new designs through their paces, to ensure safety, quality, and overall enjoyment.  Adelaide was recently promoted to senior of the department when Wyatt joined the team in June 2018.

We are fortunate to have a ever growing team helping us in the workshop. Each member brings their own special skills and and forms the puzzle that has made JL Woodworking the “go to”.

Style & Quality

Children's Furniture: 

At first Melissa and Jordan did not grasp the whole Montessori style and concept.  After building some pieces for others, they saw how their then only young one embraced each product.  The simplicity of appearance along with the ability for a child to develop their own approach to each item fosters healthy development.  

Cabinetry And Furniture: 

Jordan has designed and built many different style over the years.  From classic framed cabinetry to ultra modern looks.  Whatever the need or appearance that is required, a design can be developed to suit your wants and needs. 


100% Local and Hand Made

Jordan makes almost every unit to order.  Minimal stock is kept, if at all.  They are based out of Ottawa, but with family in Montreal and Toronto our clientele soon expanded to reach across Ontario and Quebec.  We craft for our fellow Canadians, because we want to provide a safe, high quality product for our fellow country-people.  We strive to make sure everything is splinter-free and safe.  Our finishes that we use are selected because they are non-toxic, and child safe.  Product safety sheets can be produced if required. 

We also have liability insurance(both for cabinetry and children's wears) should any thing ever go awry.   This adds a bit of a premium to our prices sometimes,  but we care that you are protected .


Visit our FAQ page, where we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by customers. 

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